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Velvet Handmade Celtic Patchwork Quilt

Handmade velvet patchwork quilt, design inspired by Celtic knotwork.

Approx.: 90″ x 84″

Dry clean only

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I love velvet and cannot pass a second hand shop without scouring the curtain rails for hidden treasures, the colour and textures are too good to miss. This patchwork design is one of many I have drawn up over the years but it is the first to be inspired by traditional Celtic knotwork. Our patchwork quilts are tried and tested, their luxurious appearance being matched by their versatility. Beautiful as a wall hanging, door curtain, quilt or throw, no draught will get passed this and no eye will fail to be caught by the luxurious colours as the deep-pile Celtic pattern catches the light. It is one of a kind, a perfect gift or heirloom that will give pleasure long into the future.