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Hello! We are Katie and Grace, two dizzy birds who first met three years ago, weirdly, through our landlord.

Katie bland

We spent the early months of our friendship exchanging children at field gates for sleepovers and watched as theirs and our friendship blossomed.

Over the years we had one very harsh winter (though Katie seems to be enjoying it in the picture above), a very soggy one and a very mild one. As the seasons rolled on, we both became despondent and restless – we needed to do something…

Grace's Brother sewing machine

The desire to work for ourselves, bring in a wage and have fun transferring dreams into fabric spurred us into action. We polished up Grace’s industrial sewing machines (you can see they mean serious stuff), borrowed some muscle, made two trips in a 4×4 across the fields and watched as they roared into life again.

Grace's house

Dizzy Birds operate from Katie’s house – Grace hops on the school bus, flies down to the village leaving her house, with neither electricity nor roads, in the middle of exquisite landscapes that are Simonside Hills, to work in the heaving metropolis that is Elsdon!


Simonside hills where grace lives

Simonside Hills photo courtesy of Ed Jennings

As a fledgling business we are pooling skills, resources and experience to expand our modest empire!

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